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About Us

Pay Per Click Advertising Program is brought to you by Fastest Growing IT Company Yuvan Infomedia (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. & Indian National Search Engine Trugle with the AIM to serve the nation by controlling  advertising expenses of Indian Advertisers through overseas agencies. This is the first step within the nation under patriotism to reduce the advertising cost of Indian Companies as well as retard the capital flow toward foreign companies.

Our Vision:
Proud to be an Indian! Our Companies and Business Firms are continually looking to enhance online audience and traffic on their website. For this they are dispensing lot of money on online advertising via popular PPC programs. About 3-7% of economy gained through business are supplied to International Advertising Agencies in form of USD which is about 70 time costlier than in INR (Indian Currency). For every time we advertise online we buy USD and hence USD got more importance. If we somehow avoid international agencies and select our own made online resources to advertise us, we definitely save our prosperity & hence make country in dependable. 

Our Mission:
We have only mission to make our country independent in term of technology, resources, economy, efficiency and finally power. We would like to swear together to use country made equipments and technology for betterment of our future.

Add Per Click (APC)

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