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How Add Per Click Works?

Unlike PPC Programs run by Popular Advertising Companies, Add Per Click is easy to Create and Manage. Add Per Click Program can be run on main company website rather than creating different website as on the other PPC Programs. You do not have to confuse with Page Quality, Highest Bid, Highest Ranking etc. Add Per Click Program offer equal opportunity to all advertisers in the range of similar bid value. Following are the main steps to follow before creating an advertisement.
  1. Create an Account & verify your Contact Information.
  2. Make a Minimum of Rs.500/- Payment in your account. As well as you make a payment you are able to create a campaign to advertise your web page or website.
  3. Make your landing page mobile friendly and give a brief summery of all product & services you want to advertise for making sales.
  4. Add Per Click Charge only unique visit per keywords at every interval of 0.0AM to 11.59PM. Multiple Click on a common keywords count as one click.
  5. Bid Value is a whole number in INR. Advertisers have all possible options to put your ad on top, middle or at bottom of every search page.
  6. Every line of add are checked before publishing for online audience.  

Add Per Click (APC)

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